Wednesday, March 6, 2013

3/6/13 by Michelle Bouse

When I was younger, my dad always said, “If you aren't sure what to do, say a prayer & ask God for help. After saying the prayer, be patient and wait for his answer.”  But I always wondered how I would know when he sent an answer?  As an adult I realized all I have to do is wait & listen for God to whisper the answer into my heart.  (It definitely took me a lot of practice)

So often think of someone and am drawn to pick up the phone and call them. When they answer they say, “How did you know I needed to talk with you?”  
God whispered it into my ear I tell them. 

When I'm chatting with clients at work sometimes something pops out of my mouth, unsure of what I said, my client asks, “How did you know that?” 
I tell them God must have whispered it in my ear. 

Out of the blue I am reminded of someone who needs me to pray for them. I stop and pray and thank God for the reminder.

Job 4:12 
“This truth was given to me in secret, as though whispered in my ear.”

I believe God speaks to each of us every day. I believe God speaks only with the intention of love. I believe He speaks at times with tough love, parental love, as a friend, as a teacher. 

I believe God works in subtleties. I believe He doesn't scream and yell, that’s why his messages are easy to miss. I believe He is calm, caring, patient & kind.  I believe everything He says, He says with LOVE directly into our hearts.
When He speaks to me I like to call it, God’s Whispers (of love).

Job 33:14
“For God speaks again and again, though people do not recognize it.”

For this Lenten season, why not focus on God’s whispers. They are unique to each one of us. He's always whispering, its just a question of are we listening?  Find out where and when God speaks to you.  Is it in your dreams, in church, in the shower, when you are out in nature, while you’re driving, in prayer, doing yoga, through songs, as you work or just as you fall asleep? Then focus on simply relaxing, trusting & listening. 

You never know how important those whispers can be. Some of my tiniest whispers have been some of my life's greatest "ah-ha moments.” 

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