Thursday, March 21, 2013

3/21/13 by Nikki Cook

Cue the circus music.

I am a spinner of plates.  You know what I'm talking about -- the circus act that has a plethora of plates spinning all at the same time on top of thin, wobbly wood poles.  The performer keeps his/her arms up, ready at every second to spin a plate that appears to be slowing down and ready to fall.  "Don't let them stop. Don't let one fall" is the mantra of the plate spinner.  

My plates are probably the same as yours -- work, family obligations, personal relationships, etc.  I try to maintain the balancing act of committing an adequate amount of time to each, with the goal of never letting one slip to the floor.  The motion of each of them is a blur; the spinning means I rarely focus on one thing.

But this isn't a post about balancing those plates.  It's a confession.  A confession that while my arms are up, protecting everything from shattering, my arms are not reaching out to the Lord the way they should.  My eyes are not focused on my Savior.  

It's never to late to re-prioritize.  Lent gives us that opportunity.  What better way to focus on God's grace then to commit to a prayerful heart. Our Father wants to hear from us all the time.  While we're waiting to pick up the kids from school, while we're making dinner or washing the car.  A moment of gratitude or confession or a plea for help.  For me, prayer is the first step in re-focusing on the Lord.    

So the plates will continue to spin (this is life in the 21st century!) and the circus music will continue to play but a greater sound can be heard as I converse with the One who loves me.

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