Monday, February 25, 2013

2/25/13 by Pat Chambers

A word that has come to mean a lot to me over the last decade is intentional.  When I talk to parents about their parenting I talk about being intentional in what they say and what they demonstrate.  When I think about the relationships I want to keep in my life, I need to be intentional about keeping in contact and seeking times to be together with those people.  When I say I want a good marriage I need to be intentional about being kind, loving and intimate with my husband.  I can’t be intentional in any of these areas if I am not FOCUSED.    This of course is true of our spiritual life as well, if we are not intentional or focused then we move away from the One who gave us life and forgiveness.  In today’s scripture readings I am drawn to John 4:27-42.  This reading focuses on evangelism, an area of my own life in which I struggle.  In this passage we are called upon to focus on our story and tell it, just like the women in this passage.  She didn’t have all the theological answers, she didn’t put up road blocks for herself, doubting she knew enough to tell the Good News, she simply focused in on her experience with Christ and told people, they in returned sought out Christ.  During this time of lent let us be intentional about preparing our story.  In what ways has Christ and our faith affected our life and how in our own words and style would we share that with people around us.  If words do not come easily, then how are our actions telling our story, demonstrating what we believe and how Christ has changed our lives?  With our own stories focused in our hearts and minds we can then be ready to see the opportunities to share it with others.  The woman ran to town telling her story, asking questions and she brought back with her many that wanted to know more about this man.
Thank you Father for giving each of us a story to share about how you have walked beside us, loved us, changed us.  May we be focused on opportunities to share our story with those around us, intentional in all our relationships, including the one with You.

Pat Chambers

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